Receiving a critical review on Coast & Port can hurt and has the potential to negatively influence future customers. When responding to a negative review take the first step and remember that feedback can help you learn more about your customers and make changes to your service — for the better.

No business is perfect 100% of the time, we can always improve and the occasional critical review is okay. Having a mix of both positive and critical reviews is a good thing and shows a wide range of experiences and helps consumers trust what they’re seeing.

Follow these tips to before processing a negative review:

  • Pause for a moment: Think before responding so you are less heated and more resolution based.
  • Respond with class: Defensive or harsh tones might turn people off and damage your brand, respond with positive energy.
  • Resolve & move forward: Mend any valid issues presented, trust that you did everything you could, and continue running your business taking into account the new feedback.