Drive more patrons to your restaurant or bar

C&P offers a range of solutions that can help you attract new customers and drive more sales.

Your future customers are using C&P and they’re ready to talk to you

Maximize your customer base

Drive more revenue.

Grow Sales With New Customers

More customers means more revenues.

Expand Your Customer Base

Reach new customers by extending your business's presence online and across Wilmington.

  • Rank at the top of search results for your business
  • Attract customers based on popular keywords
  • Make it easy for potential customers to find your business.

Create Repeat Customers

Build loyalty and trust with existing customers by keeping your business relevant and visible.

  • Keep your brand fresh by creating engaging content.
  • Reward frequent patrons with discounts and exclusive offers.
  • Use customer insights to adapt your menu to your audience.

Customers Become Advocates

Turn your happy customers in to powerful advocates that promote your business for you.

  • Capture and use customer stories to drive new sales growth.
  • Use positive customer reviews to influence others searching online. 
  • Make customer stories a key part of your promotion.

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