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Bring your business to life in Wilmington

Keep people in the loop on what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s unique about your business with articles and stories.

Build connections with new and existing customers

C&P Stories lets you write and post articles, so you can tell a story that resonates with new customers and helps them learn more about your business.

Reach customers in more places

Your posts are promoted to new and existing customers in email digests and organic search results across Google and other major search engines.

Let customers know what’s new with your business

Share what your business is up to

Craft an editorial article, posted to our site about your business. Tell customers about recent changes, new products and services.

  • Write your own content or work with our team
  • Position your business to customers in a natural, non-intrusive way
  • Increase search engine visibility and SEO for your business

Reach customers before competitors

Get your business out front, ranking on the internet in Google search results and go beyond Facebook and Instagram — reach customers where they are transacting.

  • Own keywords for you business on Google, attracting new customers
  • Use content to reach customers searching for services like yours

Valuable customer and market insights

Get customer insights you can use to tune your brand’s marketing and messaging, reaching more customers while driving more sales for your business.

  • Information on site visitor and content engagement
  • Audience demographics and statistics, including info on what competitors are overlapping with your business

Got a question?

The most common questions about C&P Business Stories.

How much does it cost to post a Business Story on C&P?2023-07-16T01:44:37+00:00

Pricing can vary based on the type of story and popularity of content category — contact us to learn more.

How do Business Stories rank in Google Search?2023-07-16T01:49:27+00:00

Coast & Port optimizes all Business Story content with the most up-to-date SEO practices, and packages it up so search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others can index and rank and then present the content in a helpful way for users.

What’s the process to post a Business Story?2023-07-16T01:55:04+00:00

Posting a Business Story involves a few steps. First, you should come to us with an idea. That idea can be promoting your business directly through a pitch, customer story, announcement and more. Here’s how we will work together:

  1. Submit your business story request
  2. You write/construct the post; we write the post; and/or we collaborate on the story
  3. The post is then shared with you for review
  4. We publish the post and share your Business Story with target buyers
  5. We provide statistics and insights into your audience
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