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Get more customers with C&P Ads.

Reach the over 120,000 current residents and 2,500+ new people moving to Wilmington each year.

Be ahead of your competition

There are over 10,000+ businesses in Wilmington, stand out from your competition, convert more customers with ads on C&P.

  • Placement on the top and bottom of key site articles and pages.
  • Prominent ad display on competitor pages and articles.

Be in front of the right customers

Define your target audience and C&P Ads will place your business in front of the most relevant audience of people using our site.

  • Target by location and keyword
  • Target by “buyer intent”
  • Advertise on the most relevant and trafficked pages

Be in charge of your ad strategy

Advertising on C&P is easy, you don’t need to be a marketing expert to create an ad on our site.

  • Create your own ad or let us do it.
  • A flat rate for unlimited clicks
  • Ad performance and tracking
  • Start for as low as $5/day

C&P Ads include


The most common questions about advertising on C&P.

Where do C&P Ads appear?2023-07-10T00:52:07+00:00

Your ad will be featured in key locations on the site including prominent positions on location, keyword and contextual based search results. Ads will also display on competitor pages and are designed to receive optimal visibility and engagement to reach those customers looking for businesses like yours.

How much does it cost to display an ad on C&P?2023-07-10T00:55:12+00:00

You can advertise for as little as $5 per day on average, but prices can vary based your advertising targeting and reach.

Is C&P a good marketing tool?2023-07-10T01:55:25+00:00

C&P is here to help make marketing your business to local customers easier than ever. With C&P Ads, you can get ahead of the competition with prominent placement, you can target your most desirable customers, and you can easily track performance. Don’t worry if you are not a marketing expert, we’ll make sure your ad is a success!

Can I set my own ad budget?2023-07-10T01:57:52+00:00

Yes, you have complete control. You can spend as little as $5 per day to advertise on C&P. We will work with you to configure an ad campaign to meet your needs and budget.

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